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A global marketplace where you can find thousand of tutors from all parts of the world and learn a vast variety of subjects and topics online. Book quality affordable lessons from as low as 5 dollars. Free trials available

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What our users say
I signed up to learn German. I was not used to Skype lessons, but I must say it went great, so now I take weekly lessons from home, even though me and my teacher live in the same city...
- Ana Paula
The guys of jukeboxlessons are really helpful, whenever I have doubts they get back to me at once, I appreciate this very much.
- Daniela Norton
It’s great to have the opportunity to teach to students from other countries. This website is really cool...
– John Edwards
Hello Team. I think it’s great you write to me to see how things are going. I’m teaching Italian once a week to M., and another student just contacted me for spanish lessons. Everything is perfect, thanks for your interest!
- Marta Martinez
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